Risk Management

As one of the leading institutions in Türkiye, Ak Asset Management takes risk management seriously and uses internationally recognized risk measurement methodologies and ratios with its strong risk management infrastructure.

The objective of the Risk Management System Under Ak Asset Management is to effectively identify and measure the risks that may adversely affect the portfolios under management and to minimize the risks that may arise. The Risk Management System Under Ak Asset Management is established in a structure independent from all business units and is responsible for identifying, analyzing and reporting risks

The main principles of the Risk Management System Under Ak Asset Management:

1- Closely monitoring the developments in market conditions, identifying and managing the risks, to which the portfolios under the management of the organization may be exposed, through effective risk management measurements and calculations,

2- Measuring and reporting the risk level of the returns achieved by all portfolios under the management of Ak Asset Management, and supporting the formation of portfolios that will maintain the risk-return balance at the most appropriate level,

3 -Measuring the risk levels that portfolios may be exposed to due to their investments, reporting whether they exceed predetermined risk levels, and following up the process of reducing the limit exceeding to predetermined levels

4- Maintaining efforts to establish and develop the best risk management system by closely monitoring changes and innovations in internationally recognized risk management regulations.