Update Date : 11 Sep 2014

TBY talks to Alp Keler, CEO of AK Asset Management, on leading a thriving market, the place of innovation, and predictions for the future. PDF article

Update Date : 12 Nov 2013

Over the past 12 months, AK Asset Management has managed to reign in the Turkish market by expanding its offering of capital-protected funds beyond Turkish equities and commodities, exploring European and Asian underlyings.Between September 2012 and October 2013, Ak Asset Management launched a total of 24 capital-protected funds, collecting TL307 million ($155 million). It has expanded the range of asset classes with funds linked to equity indexes from the G-7 countries (41% of the total), its own proprietary indexes (22%), commodities (14%) and emerging markets equity indexes (13%), as well as emerging markets forex (9%).

Update Date : 11 Nov 2013

Ak Asset Management started to manage BIST 100 Equity Fund as the second step of the TRY Money Market Fund Management in Japan. Ak Asset Management penetrated into Japan Mutual Fund Market being one of the largest financial market in the world, with  TRY Money Market Fund in October. Ak Asset Management has been the manager of BIST 100 Equity Fund which was founded by Mizuho Financial Group. 

Update Date : 28 Oct 2013

Alp Keler, CEO, Ak Asset Management: The euro crisis last year affected the success of the program in the second half of the year. But this year, global conditions have supported the central bank’s policy, while the dual-interest-rate policy increased the central bank’s flexibility. Under the new policy, through the adjustment of interest rates, the central bank is able to respond more quickly to signs of economic slowdown or faster-than-expected loan growth. Also, it has improved the stability of the Turkish lira against other currencies. The strategy is working, and Turkey is in a much more stable condition.

Update Date : 26 Sep 2013

Ertunç Tümen’s article; "Spotlight on Turkey: searching for the correct growth model on the road to 2023" has been published by Euromoney publications in "Investing in Emerging and Frontier Markets" with a foreword by Mark Mobius.

Update Date : 24 Jul 2013

Ertunç Tümen CFA has joined Ak Asset Management as Assistant General Manager of the Sales and Marketing division. The division manages the clients of Ak Asset Management, encompassing domestic clients like Akbank, AvivaSa, Groupama, and mandates as well as international clients spanning Europe and the Far East. Mr. Tümen will bring value and vision to the long-term growth plans of Ak Asset Management by expanding the client base and product spectrum through marketing initiatives.

Update Date : 30 Jun 2013

As of June 2012, one of the world’s leading financial publications, EMEA Finance, in evaluating the best banks and financial institutions of the Middle and East Europe (CEE) and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) named Ak Asset Management “Turkey’s Best Asset Management Company”. Having been selected from among nearly 100 companies, the entire Ak Asset Management family is proud to be the first Turkish Asset Management company to have received this accolade from such a reputable international award program.

Update Date : 24 Jul 2011

World Finance has decorated Ak Portföy with the “2011 Investment Manager of the Year in Turkey Award”. The award was given for excellence in decision making and risk management processes, as well as innovativeness, and superior client services, along with its contribution to the development of the financial markets in Turkey.

The “World Finance Awards”, renowned as one of the top awards in international finance, and organized by World Finance, one of the most prestigious financial magazines in the world, have been announced. The Magazine annually elects the most innovative, leading, and best executive companies in the finance and business world every year.

Update Date : 8 Oct 2010

As Ak Asset Management, we are the “first” Turkish asset management company to have signed the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). The United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) initiative is an international network of investors working together implement the six Principles for Responsible Investment. As a signatory of PRI, we understand the implications of sustainability for investors and support signatories incorporating these factors into their investment decision making and ownership practices. In implementing the Principles, we undertake contribution to the development of a more sustainable global financial system.