Capital Protected Funds

The Capital-Protected Funds of Ak Portföy enable investors to invest in a risk bearing asset by protecting them against risk. By following the domestic and foreign markets with specialists, the Directors of Ak Asset, who are also the managers of the funds select those assets that are thought to have a potential yield at a specific maturity date.

Following the asset selection, the option strategy that will provide investors with a maximum yield in terms of the return target is determined. By international credit rating agencies, the option agreements are made among the institutions that have high ratings.

Thanks to the reliable position of Akbank in the foreign markets, many foreign banks are keen to be the counter party of option agreements. The Management of Ak Asset, at the selection process of the option counter party, conducts the necessary bargaining to actualize option prices that favor the investor, and the agreement is signed with the counter party that offers the best price.

Besides the option agreement, in order to retrieve the investors’ capital under all circumstances at maturity, it is invested in securities. In order to increase the yields of the investors of the capital-protected fund, Akbank offers the Akbank Bill in periods of the fund’s public offering exclusively to these investors. The Management of Ak Asset ensures the investment in securities more advantageous than its alternatives by including Akbank Bills into the portfolio of the Capital-Protected Funds.

  Capital Protected Funds Other Mutual Funds
Maturity Yes No
Price Announced twice a Month Announced daily
Buy Only in Public Offering Period Daily
Sell Twice a Month Daily
Capital Protection Target Yes No
Tax Yes Yes